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Our Vision

The focus

Constant observation and analysis of the checkout.

binairy eye cashier checkout

We provide the extra eyes required to monitor the constantly changing checkout area. We support your staff using our AI technology to analyze and inform. Staff focus on customer engagement and care is greatly enhanced.

binairy eye cashier checkout

The line of sight

Unscanned items at the checkout.

By utilizing our proven technology to support not only cashiers but the wider store checkout environment, we facilitate a frictionless process for customers, providing the retailer with confidence that lost sales are turned into revenue.

The landscape

An estimated 10% of grocery store retail shrink is as a result of unscanned items at the checkout.

The loss prevention community is often tasked with the need to find solutions to implemented operational changes. The proliferation of self scan units becoming ever more accepted by customers as a must have convenience is a point in case. An extensive study has shown that the increase of shrinkage in retail is anywhere between 30% and 150% where self scan has been used.

Binairy Eye, in conjunction with retailers, has developed the technology and communication lines to significantly reduce scan loss at the checkout.

Our Solutions

Optics at the checkout

Consistent and continual monitoring of the checkout is required in order to minimize the loss that retailers experience.

While the human eye is able to process significant information the brain can only process a single image, in addition we become distracted or engaged resulting in an inability to monitor the surrounding area effectively.

Technology can now augment this human limitation and with Aiffirm, our proprietary AI technology platform, we are able to support and provide the necessary surveillance with the level of constant asset protection that is required.

Aiffirm, identifies and classifies objects. We are at the cutting edge of technological advances supporting retail asset protection.

With our Aiffirm platform working for you, we are able to monitor the cashier and fixed self scan areas in real time. Aiffirm identifies incident situations and communicates with cashiers and supervisors through visual prompts.

Our system focuses on unscanned items in both the cashier lanes and the fixed self checkout lanes.

Our solution can operate entirely independently from all retail systems. Integration into the retailers system can also be undertaken through the adaptation of our notification and data processes.

BOB cart opticsBob cart optics

Sight of data

Identifying and informing is not sufficient to ensure that the appropriate action is taken by associates.

We ensure that associates are held accountable through their interaction with the system and the resulting automated messaging, exception reporting and management dash boarding. Responsibility and action is underpinned by our reporting system.

With automated and ad hoc messaging enabled the associate will be informed of their performance automatically.

Management have dashboard and performance reports to drive improved associate and store performance.

View of the horizon

Automatic adaptation to the response of reported incidents and changing shopper behavior.

The deep learning neural networks of our Aiffirm platform are constantly being updated by the associate’s interactions. Aiffirm facilitates continual improvement of the system through the update of our AI libraries, to drive and effect constant advances in monitoring and reporting.


Our service offering can be deployed independently or as a single solution. These systems operate independently from your corporate IT infrastructure as a complete end to end stand alone solution. Integration is provided through notification and process where required.

Self Scan

With the proliferation of self scan units throughout the retail industry the loss from unscanned items is significant at approximately 50% of the $43billion shrink attributable to fixed self scan units.

With supervisors at the self scan area monitoring 6+ units at once their ability to provide adequate surveillance is limited. We offer extra eyes, that never blink, focusing with the singular purpose of identifying unscanned products. Our technology significantly reduces the amount of shrinkage that occurs due to unscanned items leaving your store.

Our system identifies unscanned items and provides the supervisor with notification in real time, minimizing unscanned items and the related missed sale opportunities. The system, with its visual based evidence, enables the conversation with the customer to be one of positive resolution. Unscanned items are flagged up by a “third party”, removing awkward personal dynamics. As we know from associate interviews, there is a reluctance to ask customers accusatory type questions.

Our touch based screens ensure that the supervisor interaction with the system is efficient and effective through its automated reporting that drives accountability and responsibility.

AI system constantly watching and monitoring items in the basket.
Our system ensures that items placed in the bagging area have been scanned.

Bob Loss

Bottom of the basket loss occurs when items are left on the bottom of the cart and not scanned at the time of the checkout. The industry norm of $10 per lane per day or 0.1% of sales is considered by many retailers as an under estimate.

Our proven technology solution provides retailers with an ability to combat bob loss effectively. Through our Aiffirm platform, our ability to detect items left on the bottom of the cart, intentionally or inadvertently, results in a very fast ROI. Our touch screen visual display ensures both customers and cashiers are aware of any potential unscanned items, facilitating open communication and awareness.

Digital Media

With our focus on customer centric solutions to improve shopper experience we have developed a marketing solution to enable digital in-store communication. Communicate with your customers utilizing a modern, flexible and decluttered method through digital screens placed within the store environment.

Go green!

Replace print with digital, to reduce spend and boost your eco credentials. Utilizing digital media reduces your impact on the environment and overcomes the inefficiencies of print, while providing real cost savings.

Our system ensures direct retailer communication with your customers. Declutter your store environment while communicating with your customers through a modern and versatile medium.

With our DOOH technology, we support direct trade partner communication. Provide a tool for your trade partners to extend their digital campaigns into your store, providing shopper influence. Generate revenue by providing trade partners with a medium to support their DOOH advertising campaigns.

Community advertising connects with customers at a localized level. Enhance your position within the community by providing a voice for social and commercial messaging relevant for your customers.

Instore digital communication
binairy eye cashier checkout

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